The derby of the Madonnina

Hear the words Inter-Milan and you probably think of golden footballs and some of the greatest footballers of all time. Mazzola and Rivera gave unforgettable performances and so have Ronaldo, Roberto Baggio, Ibrahimovic, Matthäus and Van Basten, Paolo Maldini and Javier Zanetti. Milan has enchanted generations of sports fans - and football enthusiasts, particularly.

There have been many great game plays and fabulous match results going back over a hundred years. The first derby of the Madonnina was played on 10 January 1909 on the Milan pitch at Porta Monforte. Milan won 3-2. Since then, there have been more than 300 matches, including official and non-official games.
Castello Sforzesco
Castello Sforzesco
Castello Sforzesco
Castello Sforzesco

The absolute best striker of all time? The rossonero Attilio Trerè, nicknamed Kaiser for his big moustache like that of the German emperor. The highest-scoring player of all time? Andriy Shevchenko with 14 goals.

Inter-Milan has gone down in history as a team that's always moving forward, but faithful to its traditions. The derby is one such tradition and if you want to experience Milan like a Milanese, at least once in your lifetime you need to climb the stadium steps and cheer yourself hoarse.


Every year.


Giuseppe Meazza Stadium.