San Siro Stadium

This is one of the world's football temples; for football fans everywhere it's got to be the 'La Scala of Football'. It is named after Giuseppe Meazza, the legendary player for Milan who were twice World Cup winners. With its 80,000 seats, it's the largest stadium in Italy and, looking at San Siro neighbourhood from a distance, the stadium looks not unlike an enormous spaceship.

In addition to hosting home matches for Milan's two soccer teams, the stadium also stages other events - in the past, for example, Italy's national Rugby championships.

Among its other gems, in summer there are live concerts by famous musicians and rock stars. The first big name to play there was Bob Marley back in 1980.

If you're planning to visit the stadium we recommend you choose a day without any scheduled events; the stadium museum, the first-ever created at an Italian stadium, recounts the stories and successes both of Inter and Milan football teams: the glass cases display team strips and trophies, shoes and other memorabilia of many of the great players who have graced the turf at San Siro.

Why visit it

To capture that childhood thrill again.